Its Bengals Reckoning Time vs Steelers: Will they Make a Statement?

SPORT NFL FOOTBALLHere you go Cincinnati. 

You got One Shot.

One Opportunity.

To seek everything you ever wanted…. 

Will you capture it?  Or just let it slip away?

Pittsburgh’s reign could come to an end in a few short days.  The Bengals control everything.  It’s theirs to lose.  The king has taken a blow.  The rival pack has been made weak by its wounds.  It’s old and getting slower.  Its leader hurt and struggling.  Its coach is being questioned for the first time in his tenure.  The Steel City is lying in wait, 300 miles upriver, for Sunday afternoon to arrive.  To see if its warriors will rise from the ashes, like they have so many times, or collapse under the weight of the new rising power. 

Only one thing matters this Sunday. 

When all is said and done, everything else can be thrown out the window, because it all comes down to just one thing.  Sure there will be a big turnover or a crucial mistake.  But in the end it will all come down to whose front seven plays the best.  Who can rush the quarterback and who can stop the run.  Whoever does that on Sunday will win the game. 

The Steelers have ruled the defensive world for years, but they are finally growing old.  They are finally getting tired.  New blood has not replaced their old blood.  They are beaten, bruised and slow.  But they are experienced veterans who have been through the wars.  They have done this time and time again.  They have been down and been beaten and have risen again and again.  But does that experience give them the advantage?

The new kids on the block have officially arrived. 

The Bengals defensive line is getting more national press than Justin Bieber.  Everyone from Geno Atkins to Wallace Gilberry bring  heat on every single play.  Everyone gets to the passer or wreaks havoc in the backfield.  They go 4 studs deep at D-End and the DT’s are deeper.  Behind them Maualuga and Burfict are playing better.  Not perfect, but they’re where their needed and are making plays. 

Let’s be honest, you saw the offense last week, the defense is the only reason they won.  Two first and goal possessions from inside the 5 for the Eagles and they don’t get in. 

In a single word, impressive. 

Since week 9 they have the best defense in football.  They get the QB and they contain the run and that’s what they’ll have to do on Sunday.

The Steelers come in hurt and not focused on offense.  They are dropping passes, throwing interceptions and fumbling the football.  Bad news is our offense is doing the same thing.  Andy Dalton only has combined for 333 yards the past two weeks with 2 TD’s, 2 fumbles and 1 interception.  He is out of synch and has been since Sanu went down and Hawkins came back.  The offensive line got posterized last week.  They beat us with speed and we couldn’t adjust.  Check that, Jay Gruden couldn’t adjust. 

For the life of me I do not understand why they didn’t just bring the big boys in and run the ball down their throats every single play.  We couldn’t pass protect and BJGE was gaining ground every time he touched the ball.  Even in the 4th quarter when we had the big lead they were still trying to throw it.  Jay thinks too much.  Keep it simple.  Run, run, run and run again until they show they can stop it. You don’t throw it just because your “suppose to”.  Don’t get cute.  We are from the AFC North.  We are Midwest, cold weather football.  So please, Jay I beg you on Sunday, just run the ball.

I think it’s that simple for the Bengals.  Run the ball and get to the passer.  Oh and don’t make mistakes, like fielding a punt on your 1 yard line.  You have to be mentally focused.   Just don’t turn it over and let Pittsburgh make the mistakes.  The Bengals control their fate now.  They have to choose on Sunday whether they are going to outshine the older brother or stay where they have always been.  Sure Sunday won’t win them the division, but it’s the next step.  It’s now or never. 

Take it or fail. 

I told you a couple of weeks ago  I was a believer.  They had finally convinced me they were here to win.  Problem is no matter how much I believe it still won’t happen.  Oh how I hope I’m wrong, but oh how often I’m right.  Dalton hasn’t shown me he can beat anyone who knows him and Jay will give him too many opportunities to succeed, causing him to fail.  It will be close, but they won’t pull it out.  Thus remaining the second best team along the Ohio.

Steelers win on Sunday 31-27