Reds pitcher Aroldis Chapman hijinks

Aroldis ChapmanIncredibly mixed feelings regarding the Cuban Trainwreck’s recent foibles:  On the one hand I really, really wanna party with the former missile, but Reds fans have to be extremely nervous about the closers role in the hands of the Spanish Kenny Powers. 

I mean, come on, in the span of 8 months, Chapman has lost his drivers license in two states due to excessive speeds (one of which occurred after being clocked at 120 plus mph after a game night in Columbus?), been sued in a Florida court for conspiring with Cuban secret police to jail another Cuban ex-pat, and most recently a Baltimore based hooker was arrested after filling a false report to Pittsburgh police stating she was tied-up and robbed in Chapman’s hotel room–while he was at the game.

 You cannot make up stuff this good…