Sean Casey back with Reds???

Wow, the Reds are as hot as the weather in Cincinnati!  With Joey Votto out, the collective rumor running rampant around town was that Sean Casey was going to be reactivated to help fill his spot.  Nevermind that Sean Casey has been retired for 3+ years, I heard that he had taken a physical with the team.  Is it true? As much as we love Sean Casey, could this rumor be true?  I guess we’ll never really know–despite the active rumor mill, it must not be true because we never heard a word of this in the media.  Too bad, though, because it would have been sweet to have him back since he was a player while I was growing up and he’s still a Cincinnati favorite.  Then again, if Casey did come back, he would not be able to go into the Reds Hall of Fame this year.  At the end of the day, sports is always filled with rumors and apparently that’s all this turned out to be–a rumor.  Oh well, the team is currently kicking butt having won 14 of 16, so either way, Go Reds!