Spice Girls and Football Season: A Winning Combination

Spice GirlsSo much to talk about, so little time!  With the London Olympics winding down, I’m getting a little tired of hearing about them, but I am excited to hear there is a possibility the Spice Girls might reunite for the closing ceremonies.  You remember them, don’t you—“whatcha want, whatcha want, whatcha really, really want…” LOL!

I do want to wish congratulations to Kayla Harrison:  Not only did she win the USA’s first ever gold medal in Judo, but she also is engaged to my cousin, Aaron Hardy.

Oh, and did I mention the Reds kicking ass and having the best record in baseball??? Obviously big news for all of us Reds fans because I cannot remember the last time this has happened.  The consistency of the Reds this year is what has impressed me the most.  Perhaps Joe Aaron should go back on vacation—when he came back, we promptly lost 3 straight…just sayin’

Now, for the absolutely best news:  Football season is back!!! I cannot wait for it to finally get here.  At work today, I spent my break watching all the early season football analysis on ESPN. So much going on in the NFL right now with intriguing story lines about Tim Tebow and the Jets circus, Payton Manning in a Bronco uni, T.O. finally finding a home, and the Browns naming 29 year-old “rookie” Brandon Wheeden as their starting QB.  Let’s not forget the Bengals who are generating all kinds of excitement holding their training camp in Cincy this year and just held their first ever scrimmage at Paul Brown Stadium Sunday afternoon.

See you next week!